Last Days Of April

A hook is a hook...but with LAST DAYS OF APRIL, it's an epic masterpiece. Skillfully coating catchy pop with inventive instrumentation and bittersweet harmony, each arrangement on ANGEL YOUTH is operatic and grand. Not unlike the gears of an engine, the many elements to each song are every bit essential...the finished machine a wonder to hear. Every cog working in perfect synchronization...layers of strings, pianos and keyboards surrounding the listening field. The band's propensity for ascending earthly boundaries is only tempered by the personal subject matter, as Karl Larsson exhumes melancholic tales about the tender sting of relationships past.

Repeated listens reveal something intimacy with the lyrics, smart stereo tricks, intricate melodies, the beauty of the strings...making ANGEL YOUTH as fresh and vital from its first spin to the very last. The production, courtesy of Fireside's Pelle Gunnerfeldt, is flawless (like that on Starmarket's 'Four Hours Light' which Pelle also produced). Far more diverse and unique than past releases, ANGEL YOUTH has only begun to show us what LAST DAYS OF APRIL is capable of.

Already receiving critical praise in indie rock circles worldwide, this record is nothing short of outstanding. It's unlike anything you've heard. Brilliant arrangements, searing melodies, flawless instrumentation and masterful production give ANGEL YOUTH its hidden edge.

Stockholm, Sweden's LAST DAYS OF APRIL is Karl Larsson (vocals, guitar), Lars Taberman (guitar), Daniel Svenfors (bass) and Andreas Fornell (drums). ANGEL YOUTH was recorded in Summer 2000 by Pelle Gunnerfeldt (Starmarket, Refused) at Grondal, Sweden. LAST DAYS OF APRIL appeared on Deep Elm's "The Moment Of Truth: The Emo Diaries, Chapter Three" with the song "Nothing's Found." ANGEL YOUTH is being released by Bad Taste Records in Europe and One Way Recordings / Howling Bull in Japan. Other LDOA releases can be found on Bad Taste (Sweden), Straight Up (Japan), Rockemotions (Germany), Trust No One (Sweden) and Footfall / Words of Wisdom (Sweden).

you, it was always you for me...nothing could change it. me, was there ever me for's always changing