La Grande Sophie

La Grande Sophie was born on July 18, 1969 in Port-De-Bouc, near Marseille, France. Before she was 1,78m high, she was a little girl. Her parents incited her to play music & she started playing guitar at 9. She founded her first alternative rock band Entrée Interdite 4 years later. After her Baccalauréat, Sophie joined Marseille's Fine Arts University but left 2 years later because she wanted to play music. She went to Paris to play in small concert halls & find her style.
In 1997, she recorded her first album La Grande Sophie S'Agrandit. Sales were low (5,000 copies) but nothing stopped the young woman, who released her second album in 2001, Le Porte-Bonheur. Thanks to the album, Sophie started to fill concert halls. Success came in 2003 with "Du Courage", from her third album Et Si C'Etait Moi. She received a Victoire De La Musique in 2005 & released her fourth album La Suite the same year, still rock & with funnier lyrics.