La Fouine

La Fouine - Caillra For Life

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(La Fouine)

Lève le doigt en l’air (Put your finger up)

Lève le doigt en l’air (Put your finger up)

(One for the haterz i’m holiding my Ace of Spades up)

(Sippin’ on this Cris life’s a bitch aint it)

(All these top models just let them hold the bottle)

(La Fouine)

Hey hey yeah j’arrive en carmos avec mes Rihanna (I arrive in a carmos with all my Rihannas)

Toi t’arrive en ?? ta meuf est rien-à (You arrived in a ?? your wife is nothing- at)

à forcer de nous sucer t’as les lèvres gercees (You suck us that much now have some chapped lips)

Ouais on a percer on a pas que les oreilles percees (*Difficult to translate direclty*=We did it through our success not only have some pierced ears)

Les larmes tu as verser le sky on a bercer (Tears you’ve dropped the sky we’ve cradled)

J’etais doublie poney pourtant je joue pas au jersey (I was double poney though I don’t play jersey)

J’ai pas d’inspiration ??? (I don’t have inspiration)

Juste avant l’enfer il y a patailla (Right before hell there’s a Patailla)

On sort de chez Gucci on rap un good shit (Got out from Gucci we’re rapping a good shit)

Game fouini babe banlieue sale Black Wall Street (Game fouini baby Dirty Suburbs Black Wall Street)

Condamnee à l’echec mes freros comptent sur moi (Doomed to failure my brothers count on me)

Toujours en Louis V tu peux jouer aux echecs sur moi (Always in Louis V you can play chess on me)

Ouais Paris c’est magique j’ai le pied gauche à Berlin (Yeah Paris this is magic I have the left foot in Berlin)

La chatte à la chatte à la soeur à la mère à Kerlin? (The pussy to the pussy of the sister of the mother of Kerlin)

??? demande à sept geco…? (ask to seven geco…)

C’est pour ceux qui ont des chiennes et une LL de Teko..?? (WTF) (This is for those who have bitches and a LL of Teko?? (“chiennes” means dogs but I don’t think that’s what he meant..)

(The Game)

Prosternez-vous (Prostrate yourself)

Mes ren-rendez vous (My da-dates)

Caillfra for life

Celle la c’est pour vous (This one is for you)

French connection

La fouine Game est la ??? (La fouine Game is here)

Swag in no question

In similar direction

Attention (Attention/Watch out)

Banlieue Sale c’est la route (Banlieu Sale (Dirty Suburbs) that’s the way)

Tell nigg*z it’s all good

Come from ?? blackwood

Do you gotta ??

Game stays on his shit

Rottweilers and pits

And I do this shit in french

Fait Attention (Watch Out)

Ta motel est ma villa (Your motel is my villa)

iller than Bounty Killa

Fait attention (Watch out)

Jamaican muff in my Rover

Cop dont pull me over


fed you beef I beat my henchmen

Pay I do my trenchmen

Cristal ? My goons push Benz’s

Tell my nigg* Frenchie

Exagerez or what? (exagerate or what?)

?? amorphe (amorphous)

They can meet me by the car

Au revoir (Goodbye)

(La Fouine)

Entre ta face et mon gun on mettra un coussin (Between your face and my gun we gonna put a pillow)

J’ai un esprit saint dans un corp entre des gros seins (I have soft spirit in a body between big boobs)

Putain freros jvais pas te faire de dessins Chicha raisin jsuis musulman comme Michael Chretien(Damn bro i won’t draw you anything Chica raisin. I’m Islamic like Michael Chretien)

Frero meme en cellule jai le forfait NÉO (Bro even in jail i have the NEO package)

Tu te zape.?? chez CÉA (..)

On est des CEO (We are CEO)

(The Game)

Oh you on that hater shit?

We blow niggas that Jadakiss long nose sniper Al queda shit

(La Fouine)

Parait que t’es prive de sortie (It appears that you can’t get out)

Parait que tu me frequentes (It appears that we’re seeing each other)

J’rentre en studio à midi ferme la boite a midi 30 (I get in studio at 12:00 Am to the cluc at 12:30PM)

Les ?? aiment me masser (The ?? love to massage me)

Moi j’aime m’enlancer (I like to hold myself)

Toi t’es belle Jordan? (??) (You look pretty jordan)

Pent toi avec les lacets(Go hang yourself with your laces)

Parait que ta un ZIFU (It appers that you have a ZIFU)

Sers toi en pour chasser (Just take it and hunt with it)

On a des U-ZI et des corps a ramasser (We have some U-ZI and some bodies to pick up)

Tu es dans l’after de l’after (You are in the after of the after)

Fouiny baby

On se voit apres le ?? (See ya after the ??)

(La Fouine)

Ah yo Game

When you go back to Compton

Go tell them that we ?? french rap

You know what i’m sayin?

Banlieu Sale


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