Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings - Reefer Madness

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All my friends are stoners.

Everyone I know gets high.

Maybe there's a reason

Why weed's not legalized.

(Maybe they're afraid!)

[Verse 1- Johnny Richter]

Why people always be afraid of what they don't know

Or understand, can't comprehend the info so old?

The Reefer Madness video is purely propaganda.

A movie made to scare all of the kids in Alabama.

Maybe they're afraid and think they might lose control instead of embracin' it's many uses, performin' the medical.

It's so pathetic though, that pharmaceutical companies can make you feel from high to low.

It seems it's all about the money, funny cuz


All my friends are stoners.

Everyone I know gets high.

Maybe there's a reason

Why weed's not legalized.

(Still not legalized)

Maybe they're afraid of

Too much peace and harmony.

(Peace and harmony)

Maybe they're afraid of

Open minds, and people free.

(Maybe they're afraid!)

No rest upon my feet

Until my people freed

When they turn the Ganja plant

Into an evil weed.

(Maybe they're afraid!)

[Verse 2- The Dirtball]

So many friends that I know have suffered the lies of government strangle.

Into the ground and legally bound and never be angled.

Even the law-makers makin' the laws are smokin' the bong and deep in' the chronic.

And nobody hearin' the voice of the weed? I find it ironic.

So how do we govern the danger of not becoming too hostile?

Not losin' the mind, not crossin' the line, not feelin' colossal.

There's only one avenue we can be sure that we gettin' our justice.

The legalization of it, the weed, they tryin' ta bust us.


[Verse 3- Daddy-X]

We've got a black president before weed's legal.

In my mind, in my time, that shit's unbelievable.

I love Obama, I love ALL people.

I just can't believe that a plant's not legal.

A plant, a seed, that grows in the soil

And they still fightin' bloody wars over oil?

Reefer Madness is used as propaganda.

Fear is a tool that they use to command us.

So understand us: we don't fear no plant (x2)


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Thursday 3rd of May 2012 20:13
Wheres D-los verson of the song?!!! >:/ SMH!
Sunday 29th of April 2012 16:20
smokin' the bong and deep in' the chronic=smokin' the bong and vapein' the chronic