Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings - Keep It Kali

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We keep it Kali on a Sunday afternoon now

Smoking on dank these just the things that we do

This is the way that we do it in Kali

Southern California's puffin' on that Maui Wowie

Left coast living, fishing, bustin' on the Kawi's

And you know we still up and down valleys

When we rolling in Kali

Staying high off the crypt we always getting' blazed out

D-Loc and Johnny Richter what you talking about

Growing up in Southern Kali where the weather stays warmer

Where the buds are green and where we live around the corner

The land of backyard parties getting drunk and stoned

So many girls act naughty when you get them alone

And when you get them all alone you know the shit's always crackin'

D-Loc, Johnny Richter, Daddy X, what's happening

We keep it Kali on a Sunday afternoon now

Drinking on drinks see we've got nothing to prove

We keep it Kali on a Sunday afternoon now

Smoking on dank these just the things that we do

We live in Kali, where it's always warm

Traffic and fake titties are the norm

Where honeybees buzz all day and swarm

Where bong water spills in college dorms

Where surfers, stoners and gang bangers ride

Street codes are controlled from the inside

Real Estate prices are way too high

But doctors and lawyers and police get high

Where Hollywood movies play out in real life

Gold digging bitch turned desperate house wife

Where we roll it and lick it and kick it man

When you need to get stoned I'm your fix-it man

We just some stoners reeking havoc from the west coast

Southern California is the only place for me

It's the d double dash double o double boogie

Yo I keep that shit popping with the gangsta boogie

Where them low riders roll and them 6-4's high

And we got the rag top popped open down the block

Riding streets so smooth ya better move out the way

Light up my back tires like I'm lighting a J

Well light that ass end up you'll get taken out quick

Red, yellow, green you better pound that shit

You got your foot to the floor but you need some more

I got my foot on the gas now I'm making a pass

When you making a pass yo I'm making them mad

I'm hella fucked up while I'm grabbing a flag

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