Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings - City 2 City

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Caribou Lou

Hella super doo

Tecca Nina standin right here in front of you

so bend it over baby

let me see it pop

on this tour bus we party til the panties drop

you smell the green (green)

that's the kottonmouth

that's my family homie hold up what you talkin' 'bout

if it's negative

I don't want to hear it

Eliminatin' playa hatas with they evil spirits

Kansas City King

Kickin' it with the Kings

Take a wiff of weed *and women* we for wicked things

dang choices

bang ?hoyvis?

from the back of the bus you hear strange noises

Here we come baby

it's a party bitch

if you mad at me (hey)

sorry and shit

Tech N9ne baby

Kottonmouth kings

Keep ya men at home lady I'm a freaky thing




Boy wassup

Wake up cause the girls real pretty

it's time to get gritty

from city to city




Girl hey

Better yet say hey kitty kitty

it's time to get gritty

from city to city

Choo choo

the train's comin thru

underground railroad thought you knew

Kottonmouth crew drinkin whiskey and brew

goin city to city stick a stick and move

HEY!! X daddy

they call me Daddy X can I get a woot woot for my homeboy Tech (WOOT WOOT)

fuck checks we get paid in cash

we the lords of the underground dine n' dash

Fuck that put ya ass on the table

Thoroughbred bitch get fed in the stable

Back room look gather 'round real quick

bitch is suckin dick like carrots on a stick

what you think was gonna happen in ya town

Kottonmouth and Tech N9ne *burned* 'em down

Summertime madness in full effect

there's a heat wave bitch so get undressed

Me and Kottonmouth we party and bullshit

or be kickin it with niggas Im cool with

for that ?botta? then we up in ya ?yamma? sendin' the next hoe 30 city tour let's go

it's the Kings of the West Coast with the Dons of the Middle ?lovin? and givin' it to you when you give me lovin

Hurtalina girly girl dont after she sippin the purple she perpin the ?perpsinse? against the influence

I got a fifth of whiskey a grip of bitches with me

gettin tipsy

A bag that we can roll up in zig zags i hold up and get back that girl actin a ass with us

LICKA LICKA I barely know her but we'll see wait til we finish the show up

Show off ya ass and titties, ass and titties she laugh and giggle and smashin city to city

J Rick double dash yeah

we get it crackin' Big Krizz, Tech N9ne whats up blood whats happenin'

make it bounce, make it make it bounce

Subnoize in this mother fucker turn the party out like BLOW

sways the name

KC with the gangsta shit yeah ya know Music for life homie

don't trip ya know how we do when we rock like this

Like this and like that ones cute *and* ones fat but what you gonna do homie fuck it take 'em both to the back

back it up pretty lady its *time to* get crazy work it like a stripper girl and give it to me baby

the voice is wyle n' out like nick cannon got 24 bitches standin in the line pantin'

waitin for a chance to get a piece of the man no im the same as all my people sippin so i do what i can

Thanks to tiffany phelps for these lyrics

Thanks to darren for these lyrics

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