KOOL G RAP - It's Nothin'

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(feat. Joell Ortiz)

Giancana back at y'all niggaz

This shit is bigger than killin the President

Ignor-Entertainment up in this motherfucker y'all

[Verse One]

It's nothing! Infrared beams laser the place

Two straps, radiate at the waist, I'm a marksmith

Them things bark man, sprayin with haste

Shit razor gladiator your face, soakin your strip

Hoodied up, loc in the whip, pokin the clip

Arm extended out the window, chokin the fifth

Legend or myth seek a Taliban, hit Babylon

Don't misinterpretate the smile of a Don, I'm fowl as a swan

Get at you, spit at you with ya child in ya arms

Clap at your bitch, full semi'matics eclipse

Display rage like an evil omen

Trust me in the backseat when you drivin

I'll pop your fuckin cerebral open

Take position when them snakes hissin

End up nickel-plate kissin, out of state missin

Get gravelled in the battles and wars, rattle the four

Cause cattle when you rhyme big you sound like you horse

Let's do it

[Chorus: Joell Ortiz]

It's nothing! Dudes'll talk like they killers

But they eyes can't disguise the fact they really fear us

It's nothing! Them big rims on the truck

That slim hoe that you pluck? That flossin'll get you stuck dude

It's nothing! This ain't your ordinary rap

It's extrordinary scrap - Cris', pour the Henny back like

It's nothing! (What's my name?) G Rap, Giancana

No throwbacks are fitted, we own rap and spit like

It's nothing!

[Verse Two]

Five star general ranked in the game I don't respect y'all seargeants

I wreck you varmints, eject them comments, and wet y'all garments

I bank sure as the flames from out them Texas orange

Keep fresh hoes in flesh and bondage, collect and garnish

This ain't a threat it's a promise; give you a hospital bed

and a harness, reps get tarnished if you don't hit that deck

for homage and beg for your pardon, G Rap head of the squadron

Kid be sent to alarmin; you flipped and stepped out of margin

You infuriated the Gods and the stars and

The sky's bout to thunder, you low-life come out from under

About to heat your winters and drought your summers

One right up on your fort, forty-five Colt buckin the horse

Give your body your nuts in divorce

Dick in the dirt, you flip to the earth

Check where the hit tip grippin the shirt

Get a flashback, flick to your birth

It's war for you mo-rons, we wave four arms

Draw with arms, more arms and more arms and more arms

G Rap Giancana that raw Don made my bones

When I was a young buck I played with chrome

Blaze Stallone, get your brains blown, grazin the dome

Get my stage on, the rage is on, my nigga

.. Yo chill G


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