Kidneythieves - Take A Train (Awakening)

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I wanted to take a train to the nearest awakening

Took a bullet the speed of light, into infinite time

I noticed a wake, the face was mine

Where was I?

I wanted to take a break at the next gathering

Made a change to white and light to the snap on my behind

I noticed a face, the mother was mine

Where was I?

I wanted to kick dust on the road I'm traveling

Raking time in my mind like leaves, weaved in suffer and cry

I noticed your face, I was looking at mine

Where was I?

I wanted to ask someone but who's listening

Mistake in the belief that all I see is with my eyes

I noticed no one could see my face and I knew that I was flying.

-in an instant-

I knew were I was again.

I was taking another train to the nearest awakening...

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