Keny Arkana

Keny Arkana was born in 1983 and grows in Marseilles in a underprivileged medium. Ballottée of hearth out of hearth, it forges a solid character and starts to write its first texts with adolescence. It is quickly made know in the underground medium and will form part of two collectives "Mars Fatherland" then "State Major" which will enable him to be made a name. In 2003, Keny Arkana, launches out in solo while leaving first maximum, "the Missile Is launched". However it should be waited until 2006 so that a house of disc is interested more closely in this rappeuse young person and allows him to explode at the national level with its first album "Between Ciment And Beautiful Star". Convinced Altermondialist, it takes part in the movement "Rabia Del Pueblo" (the Rage Of the People) is does not hesitate to place himself at the head of the processions to defend of the ideas which are due to him in heart.