Katy Perry

Katy Perry - Broken

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I wear the red shoes

With the holes

To remind me

What we went through

Sit down here

Kick 'em off enough

Not had enough of you

I tell you

You know

The car you drive

Keeps breaking down

And never starts

Next thing

I'm pulling up to you

We're in the backseat

Driving it home

No one wants

To be alone


What do you do?

What do you do

When everything

Is broken?

What do you say?

What do you say

When no words

Fit the moment?

'Cuz you're not here

And even if you were

All i could say

Is what do i do?

What do i do?

We're broken

But i can't

Throw us away

The video

Of our vacation's

Chewed up in the drawer

Beside me

She thinks i never got

To watch it

I'm so glad

I made a copy

The sky

Got bitter twisted

Just like you and me

I miss it

You snap it

Bend it

Burn it

Then you find

That you can't fix it

Fall back on whatever

Still remains


Breaking you in

Breaking your heart

I was taking it all

And I tore you apart

Breaking me in

Breaking my heart

And the damage was done

But I took what you got

We were breakin' it

Smashin' it

Takin' it

Lovin' it

Hatin' it

Drivin' it home

And now I'm all

Now I'm all alone

Oh, yeah (4x)


What do i do?

We're broken

But i can't

Throw us away <br />

<br />

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