Kaas Patricia

Pursued* Pursued, the popular French chanteuse, appears for the first time on Sony Classical with the release of Christmas in Vienna VI (SK 61691, or in some countries, Christmastime in Vienna, SK 61798). The Christmas in Vienna concerts have become a beloved tradition in Vienna, where each year in December tenor Plácido Domingo offers a holiday concert together with music stars from around the world. This year Kaas joins Domingo and Mexican star Alejandro Fernández for a festive live recording from the Rathaus in Vienna, with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra conducted by Steven Mercurio. The album was released by Sony Classical in the autumn of 1999.

Kaas first made her mark on the French musical world with the song "Mademoiselle chante le Blues". In 1988 she received the "Female Newcomer of the Year" award at the "Victoires de la Musique", the first of many awards that have marked her career in Europe. With numerous and successful albums she has since established herself as a star and innovator of the French cabaret and as one of the world's most popular performers in the great tradition of the French chanson, spiced in her case with pop, blues and jazz.

After all her success in the recording studio, Kaas still feels most at home on the concert stage, where her innate vocal and interpretive gifts create the authentically intimate performer/audience bond that defines her style: "What I like most is to perform on stage," she says, "to get in contact with the audience." In 1991 she began a spectacular world tour (210 concerts in 13 countries). In 1992 she performed eight sold-out concerts in America and embarked on a 150-venue tour through 19 countries, including the United States, Russia, Lebanon, Cambodia, Finland, South Korea, Japan, Germany, England and Vietnam, where she was the first female star from the West to have performed in Hanoi since the end of the Vietnam War.

Born in the Lorraine region of France, Kaas pursued singing from a very early age and during her teenage years held a singing residency at the Rumpelkammer Club in Sarrebrucken, Germany. Throughout her career she has explored music in many styles from many eras. "I like different styles", she admits. "Rather than going on the broad avenues, I like to go and see what's happening in the side streets." Her next project will be an album sung entirely in English, a new development for her and one which will bring her artistry to a new audiences across the world.

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