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K. Michelle - Not A Little Bit lyrics

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How'd I believe that this time would be different?

How'd I believe that u changed?

I wanted too much so I said I could take it

But I couldn't handle the strain

Tryin' to be who u want me to be, yeah

Tryin' to make it okay

Tryin' to look at myself in the mirror

I couldn't go on that way


It's goin' to take a miracle this time

To make me change my mind

I'm alone and doing fine

So I leave it all behind

(Chorus x2)

If you think I want u, not a lil bit

If you think I need u, not a lil bit

I finally moved on I'm ova it

If you think I need u, not

Think I need u, not

(Verse 2)

A luv unconditional, luv with no limits

A luv that let's me be myself

Luv me foreva with no competition

There's nothing and nobody else




And there's nothing left to say

(Nothing to say, nothing to say)

Going back was my mistake

(Going back was my mistake)

And there can be no more next time

(There's no next time)

You're out of my life


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