K. Michelle

R&B, Blues and Soul Music breeds from southern Tennessee and Memphis’ best kept secret is waiting for her special moment and sitting at the edge of her seat anticipating the opportunity. The multitalented and multi-instrumentalist K.Michelle born Kimberly Michelle Pate, is destined to be a musical force to be reckoned with, and by no means is she your normal artist.

K.Michelle discovered her passion for ballet, and piano at a young age and has devoted countless hours transforming herself into the total package. K. Michelle is ‘The Ultimate Experience.’ A lyrical thoroughbred, she exudes confidence and has dedicated years to perfecting her craft as a vocalist.

K.Michelle’s vision for her music is longevity. “I want to make great music that will be around forever,” she expresses. “I feel that a lot of music and artists out now are one hit wonders. You can always listen to my music. I need for my songs to be big records, emotional records and motivating records that people will always be able to remember.”

This multifaceted entertainer is a country music connoisseur, a pop princess and a music lover. Veering into an alternate lane with her music, K. Michelle’s play list encompasses love ballads, uptempo grooves and dance pop tunes. “Above All” and “Life Support” reflect K’s artistic expressions and her vocal versatility. “Life Support,” is a slow groove uncovering intimate lyrics about losing someone that’s near and dear to your heart.

Singer, songwriter and dancer K. Michelle created her buzz after being inspired by music’s supreme ambassador, Whitney Houston. Continuing to excel in her craft, K elaborates, “She’s my inspiration. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t want to be a singer.

I’ve studied Whitney’s music and continue to do so today. It’s the reason my voice is so big and why I project extremely well.” The passionate mid tempo track entitled “Love,” co-written by K. Michelle and produced by Elvis (Ciara “Promise”, Kelly Rowland “Bump Like This” & Fergie “Glamorous Life”) will instantly bring people to the dance floor. “Love” represents K’s aspiration to find true romance and wondering if it even exists.

Close your eyes and listen to her tone, pain, soul and realness. With her voice, this young singer paints a picture, tells a story and draws you into her world of artistically and realism. “I respect all the female artist out here today but I’m in a completely different lane. I’m an entertainer.

I’ve been vocally trained since the age of 7 and along with my passionate lyrics and my energetic dance moves, I intend to raise the bar on the entertainment circa.” A musical journey that’s landed multiple performance opportunities with the legendary Funk crooner George Clinton, along with acting as a foreign representative/recruiter of the University of Memphis with the Chinese Orchestra in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, and Nanjing has provided the foundation for K. Michelle’s continuous growth.

Talent and charisma will get her far but it’s tireless work ethic that will allow K to outclass any competition to say the least. “My talent speaks for itself but now I’m just waiting for my stars to align. It’s inevitable and I won’t be denied.”

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