K. Michelle

K. Michelle - Mindful lyrics

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Who the fuck

Told y'all hoes to open up?

Cut-that's enough!

I'm comin' straight from the gut

I ain't playin, who dat?

Hold up

Tell that bitch to move back!

Slow up!


Fuck that nigga, fuck that bitch that he with

I got my own money, ain't nobody givin' me shit

I'm the original, I'm the one that be cookin' that shit

She keep sayin' that I'm stealin', I'mma look at that bitch like


(Verse 2)

I mean for real, I'mma here to win and shit

Yo lil man got me leavin and buildin, bitch

I mean for real, I probably woulda killed this shit

I mean for real, but do ya even feel this shit?

Ya keep sayin' ya the illest bitch

But I still feel like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

If you was determined to still feel like ya was deservin' to be real

Then you would've learned it a long time ago!

Uh, I prime a hoe

I done got into it with all kinda hoes

Think about what ya puttin' on the line, ya hoe

Probably all yo money and time, ya hoe

You only got six seconds, I'll Vine a hoe

I'mma get mine for sure

Ya got one more time, ya hoe

So don't be sorry, be mindful, hoe!


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