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K-1 Royal - The Gabby Song lyrics

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When we're all gone,

you won't wonder where we went

cause you'll be sitting with your friends

that your parents bought

counting all their tens...

You never earned anything

But when it's gone

you will be bored so you will wonder where we went

You'll look back on all those times

that you made fun of us an laugh at us again

But this time you will be laughing all alone

cause you'll have nothing but your old letterman coat

And when you hear us on your crappy radio

you will wish that you had tickets to see our show

If it all depends

On what we did back then

Then yeah, we'll be alright

But you, you're screwed.

So when you feel down

cause you're still living in your hometown

You will look at me on your TV

and wonder who should be treated bad now

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