K-1 Royal

K-1 Royal - Kandy with a K lyrics

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I was talking to a girl today

I said hey what is your name

She said not now, I've gotta go

I followed her down the hall

Right into the bathroom stall

I could tell she had something to show

...but no

All she would show me was the bathroom floor

after leveling me with the stall door

Determination is the key

So this time, when I showed her me

I said, you know, I'm in a band

She said why didn't you say so

I'm Kandy with a K, so

I guess you want to hold my hand

Now she shows me her true colors

And the best intentions were not hers

I said no, actually

I just date Candys with a C

I was only wondering

My concsiense wouldn't let me go

So I just wanted you to know

I think you're really pretty

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