Juvenile - G-Ing Men lyrics

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These son- of bitches think I'ma roll out pop ya hoes in the throat then ya

fold up, love and basket ball t hese bitches wanta see me cash money fuck you,

you need me i'ma superstar ready ta hit ya clubs

o 1 evenin quater after 3 twinkled up my golds thew up some clothes and met it up wit my pep hoe be sweatin but i dont give dem no play all b cuz i kick that shit and magnolai outfits everyday i told ladies over and over again u cant fade its that magnolia like i told ya we sum g'ing men.JUVENILE-clockin 4 the freaks and dem girls on the block[4 times]come back me bust it 1 time kickin it bout dis litle nasty girl[2 times]i knew afreak from uptown thought cuz she young she could get me spung well um welcome 2 the home of the g ing men had 2 freak a round wit me uptown friend[2 times]thought i wuz a dummy thought i wuz a fool didnt even believe i was lil juven but the game that i kicked made her change her mind lil freak name jenna 5,6 big fine but geuss what doe i g'd i took her 2 my nigga ivan house and he g'd her i took her 2 pimp reg house and he g'd her i took her 2 m.f.g's house and g'd her i took her back uptown burnin like a heater

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