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Justin Bieber Biography - Justin Bieber is the newest singing sensation in the Americas. Born in Stratford, Ontario on March 1, 1994, Justin has quickly become the teenage heart throb for 2009 and 2010 and female fans are going crazy for him.

Justin Bieber is the newest singing sensation in the Americas. Music industry big wigs have compared him to Michael Jackson for his soulful singing and Elvis Presley for his looks and moves. Born in Stratford, Ontario in Canada on March 1, 1994, Justin Drew Bieber has quickly become the teenage heart throb for 2009. Before he was famous, Justin Bieber enjoyed playing sports - especially hockey because he's from Canada. His parents were young when they had him, and broke up when he was a young child. Many of Justin Bieber's friends growing up didn't even know he could sing - he didn't exactly advertise it. He used to sit outside a theatre in Stratford Ontario, famous for the Shakespeare Festival, and play the guitar and sing for crowds that would gather. He always had either one of his grandparents or mom with him as he was too young to hang out there alone.

Justin Bieber Biography - How He Was Discovered

Justin Bieber had many videos of himself singing at various venues on youtube - his mom videotaped all his performances along the way. When people would call and ask about managing his career, his mom was reluctant because of the horror stories everyone hears about young stars.

Justin Bieber was discovered singing on youtube.com by his agent, who quickly arranged for him to fly to Georgia to meet with Usher. Just a short time later, the young star, who has two top tens on youtube, signed with Island Records.

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Bieber not only does vocals, but also plays the keyboards, piano, guitar, drums and even the trumpet. Even more amazingly, he is self-taught - a true born talent. His first single, "One Time" reached 12 on the Canadian billboards and is rising on the Billboard Top 100. He is currently doing a radio tour to promote both his single and his debut album scheduled to be released in November 2009.

Bieber presented an award to Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. He will also accompany Swift on two of her UK tours to promote Bieber's music. He starred on MuchMusic in Canada on numerous occasions and in October of 2009, he performed several songs on the Today Show for a U.S. audience.

Justin Beiber is extremely popular with tweens and teenage girls due to his enormous talent and boyish good looks. If his debut single is any indication of his future, his album will almost certainly be very successful. Bieber is also expected to star on True Jackson, VP later in 2009.

His overseas concert was just canceled (April 2010) as a rumor said he'd arrived early, which caused young girls at the concert to become crazed and start pushing. Several girls were sent to the hospital, although most just hyperventilated. One girl had a leg or ankle injury as a result of the mob over Bieber.

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