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John Vanderslice - Speed Lab lyrics

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Speed lab, speed lab

On the edge of an artichoke farm

We work through harm

Tweaked and well paid

We forgave

What the chemicals did

To our hands, lungs and face

Clearly makring our fall from grace

Our fall form grace

Speed lab, speed lab

Sun sang through eucalyptus,

We sang along


I met her there,

Sweating out the San Francisco run

Every hotel on the five

Was our very own pleasure dive

Our own pleasure dive

Speed lab

Giveth and taketh away

The love, tender loving, money, money spending

Was before the fire, the DEA.

Those who survived the fire fled alone

I know that God hates alchemical work

I love him lonely, but in the end

What else to do but begin again

To do but begin again

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