Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker - This Is Your Life

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Gotta Give It Up

Gotta Let It Go

Cause Hangin'n Like This

Only Breaks The Flow

Gotta Act As If

It's All For The Best

Cause Maybe It Is And If It Is

It's Worth The Test

You Gotta Pick Your Battles

You Gotta Let 'em Roll

You Gotta Dig Down Deep

And Trust Your Soul

This Is Your Liffe

This Is Your Day

Ain't No Dress Rehearsal

So Get Outta Your Way

Smell The Roses

Dig The Ride

You Can't Take It With You When You Say Goodbye

This Is Your Life

Get Outta Your Head

Get Into Your Heart

Forgive And Forget

Whatever You Take Too Hard

Cause Time Is Flyin'

And Time Won't Wait

I've Seen It All

Make No Mistake

You Can Sit There In Your Cloud

Or You Can Open Your Eyes

Right Noe

And You'll See

I'll Be The First

You Can Believe

Trust In Me

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