Joe Brooks

Joe Brooks, born May 18, 1987, is a British singer-songwriter, born and raised in Southampton, United Kingdom. Brooks is signed to Lava Records, and has received media coverage based on his topping the UK Myspace charts.


After hearing Derrin Nauendorf perform at the The Brook in Southampton at age 16. Brooks went home and taught himself to play guitar and began posting songs on Myspace.
He attended Mountbatten Secondary School and Barton Peveril College. After graduation Brooks attended the University of Bath to study Sport before dropping out to work on his music.
It was during this time that he wrote and recorded his most played song, Superman. He also released a self publish CD titled “m a y b e t o m o r r o w.”

When Brooks first posted his music on Myspace the social networking site was just beginning. As Brooks added more diverse and complex songs, the more “friends” and plays he got. Currently, his songs receive up to 30,000 plays a day. Brooks constantly is the number one artist on Myspace music. His last song, Superman, has had more plays than Oasis’ last single. He has over 100,000 friends.

While unsigned, Joe Brooks built up a strong internet following, gathering 12 million plays on Myspace and playing to sold out shows in both the United States and Europe. Tickets for his shows were being sold for 12x their face value.

Brooks spends time both in the United States and the United Kingdom. His Myspace success has allowed him to write and record with the likes of JR Rotem and Kara DioGuardi.

Brooks has had numerous offers for record deals, but turned them down because he hasn’t felt they are the right fit. He has recently been signed by Lava Records, who also manage the likes of Kid Rock and The Click Five. He already released his singles ‘SUPERMAN’ and ‘WORLD AT OUR FEET’ on ITunes.

At the young age of 18, Joe Brooks, has already become an extremely popular songwriter because his lyrics are extremely meaningful and many fans his age can relate to him. For instance Superman evidently depicts the feeling of love and how it can make you feel superhuman and invincible, aswell as directing the confidence needed to persue love. Holes Inside is a song about heartbreak and the pain caused by loving something, which then becomes the thing that hurts you. The lyrics of Joe’s music are so powerful and whole that it is easy to assume they come from personal experiences, in addition the young singer songwriter clearly has a bright future and is one to stay tuned with.

  • 2006: m a y b e t o m o r r o w (EP)
  • 2007: Acoustic Sessions EP (EP)
  • 2010: Superman (SINGLE)
  • 2010: World At Our Feet (SINGLE)
  • 2010: Constellation Me (ALBUM)