Jimmy Attre

Jimmy Attre was bornin Lahore and grandson of Legendry pakistani music composer Rasheed Attre
Years ago when I was barely three or four, a popular classical song doing the rounds those days on both TV and radio caught my fancy. It had such a beguiling melody that young as I was I couldnt help humming the tune. A toddler trying to hum a classical song was, for my music loving family a source of endless delight. So much so that they paraded me in front of a prominent tabla maestro that very day. On listening to me humming that tune he was greatly astonished to see a mere three year old actually keep pace with the tabla without skipping a beat and on a classical beat at that. Indeed he was so pleased that he gave me an Atari set as a a prize!

It was only years later that I found out that the song Bawry Chakori had been composed by my grandfather Rasheed Attre.

Later on when we shifted back to Pakistan I started proper training in vocals and guitars. I was imparted this training by my own father who had full faith in my abilities. As time passed my passion grew till one fateful day I realised that this is how I want to spend the rest of my life. Things started to take a clear shape in my mind, and I could see what I had to do with my life.

Influences are Air Supply, Pink Floyd, Scorpion, Eric Clapton, BoyzIImen, BabyFace, Tracy chapman, The Doors, Corrs, Micheal learns to rock, George Michael, Michael Bolton, Richar Marx, Reo Speed Wagon, Asha, Rafi , Lata, Mukesh, Talat Mehmood, Munna Day,

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