Jennifer Chung

Jennifer Chung - I Don't Know, Let's Sing

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Hi, it's very very nice to meet shoes... <br />

I mean, very nice to meet you<br />

Have we met before 'cause I recall your presence in my dreams<br />

<br />

You say you've heard a lot about me<br />

So what is it you know exactly?<br />

That I'm meant for you and you were perfectly made just for me<br />

<br />

Seems I could get along just fine<br />

So why don't we just take our time<br />

'Cause we have that and more<br />

And we don't know what God has in store<br />

<br />

CHORUS:<br />

Lalala, you make me sing<br />

Lalala, you make me sing<br />

The ooh's, the aah's, the riffs, everything<br />

Lalala, it's so crazy<br />

Lalala, that you're here with me<br />

And I hope that this story of ours ends happily<br />

<br />

Here, it's my cellular phone number<br />

'Cause this girl's hoping that you will call her<br />

And we'll go on a date, but we won't stay out late unless<br />

We get into deep conversation<br />

About life and stuff like past relations<br />

And then hours will pass and we'll work on making things last<br />

<br />

CHORUS<br />

<br />

I don't know why we met so late<br />

I don't know if we met too soon<br />

I don't know, but I know that you are here<br />

I don't know if we're meant to be<br />

I don't know, we'll just have to see<br />

I don't know, but I know that you make me sing! <br />

<br />

CHORUS<br />

<br />

Do you hope that this story of ours ends happily?<br />

Then would you please join and sing this song with me?

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