JAMES - Stutter lyrics

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Tongue split

In the night

I woke up in blood

Red sheets

Wrapped tight

Dreamt I was drowning in mud

Now there's a beast in my mouth

It's out of control

Beats with will of its own

Broken my teeth withdraw my gums

I think that it's taken control

Spits out your emotion

Left a deep impression


Expression, makes me feel more expression

Life changed

That night

As rip chord took command

Spit balls

All the abuse

Were more than friends could stand

Now I don't think before I speak

I open my mouth to see

What comes out

A whisper or a shout

Some sanity or a scream

Spits out raw emotion

Looking for a deeper expression




Expression, makes me feel more... expression

That be me says it all

That be me has it all



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