JAMES - Shooting My Mouth Off lyrics

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Before you, no direction

Before I, came on in

Before you, let your doubts down

The wall, we're closing in

We're closing in

Adore you, no protection

Ignore you, it can't be done

To make do, with a safer option

A breakthrough, two to one

Two to one

And I hope I'm not shooting my mouth off


And I pray I'm not tempting the fates

When I say we can go on forever

It's a date

It's a date

(Here she comes)

Yes I know that I love to seem foolish

(Here she comes)

Like now

Yes I know that love hardly lasts

(Here she comes)

(Here she comes)

And it's hard to receive that we're happy

(Here she comes)

Here's my heart

Here's my heart

Here she comes

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