JAMES - Scarecrow lyrics

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Which scarecrow has the power of voice<br>It will stab you in the thigh<br>And when she wails, it twists your insides<br><br>Wise scarecrow<br>Which scarecrow<br>Which scarecrow<br><br>A pitch for which she has been searching<br>Holds the key to the dreams she's been dreaming<br><br>(refrain)<br>Coming on, coming on, coming on<br>She's coming on strong<br>She's coming on coming on coming on coming on<br>Coming on strong<br><br>Droll,<br>Try to mix her ego with her soul<br>Never mix the ego with the soul<br>I always twist my ego with my soul<br><br>Which scarecrow<br>Wise scarecrow<br>Which scarecrow<br><br>And 'cause you was her inspiration<br>Got a plan that could shatter a nation<br><br>(refrain)<br>When your song strikes me<br>My walls fall down<br>And I can sit down<br>In your perfect light and sound

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