JAMES - Pleased To Meet You lyrics

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Scared to be alone<br>Frightened of the dark<br>Everything's too much<br>For a boy out of touch with his feelings<br><br>I must be to blame<br>I must be at fault<br>I believe I'm never good enough<br>To shine a light that lingers<br><br>I have witnessed starbursts in your coal<br>Black eyes<br>I am what I try to deny<br>I have seen the serpent coiling set to strike<br>And love is the usual disguise<br><br>Pleased to meet you<br>Where you from<br>And what's your name? <br><br>Never came alive<br>Never cut the cord<br>Nothing is too much for a boy out of touch<br>With his feelings<br><br>Worshipping the moonshine<br>Skinning up the grapevine<br>I don't have a plan where I'm going<br>I just follow my fingers<br><br>I will be the burning man<br>To grace these times<br>I am what I try to deny<br>I reflect the same eyes looking back at me<br>And love is the only reply<br><br>Pleased to meet you<br>Where you from and what's your name<br><br>We're more than enough<br>Dead ringers<br><br>Pleased to meet you<br>Where you from<br>And what's your name ? <br>What's your name ?

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