JAMES - Medieval lyrics

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Caught in the long grass, got separated from his company

Those men he thought were friends turned out to be the enemy

Their uniforms were black not brown, they marched to a different step

But he soon tuned in to their frequency

By shifting up one fret

But the one thing that united them

Was they all had life to give

But it wasn't their intention to serve that way, but to kill so they may live

We are sound, we are sound, we are sound

Set them marching, stop them thinking

Psyche them up with your will

Stir them up with frantic rhythm

Send them out to kill, kill, kill, kill kill

We are sound we are sound we are sound

Back in human form, skin tight uniform, caught upon the barbed wire

Back in human form, skin tight uniform, crucified upon the barbed wire

The wire

We are sound

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