JAMES - Lullaby lyrics

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Since your mother cast her spell<br>Every kiss has left a bruise<br>You've been raiding too much meaning from existence<br>Now your head is used and sore<br>And the forecast is for more<br>Memories falling, like falling rain<br>Falling rain<br><br>Every view they hold on you's<br>A piano, out of tune<br>You're an angel<br>You're a demon<br>You're just human<br>Now your world has turned to trash<br>Broken windows on the past<br>Take that child and teach him senseless<br>Damage the dream, damage the dream<br>I feel nothing, I feel nothing at all<br>I feel nothing at all<br><br>In this gloomy, haunted place<br>All the feelings are of shame<br>All the windows have been broken by the children<br>So the wind screams up the stairs<br>Slams the doors and rattles chairs<br>I wish we weren't conceived in violence<br>Damage the dream, damage the dream<br>The magic is broken<br>The house is in ruins<br>Your memory's one-sided<br>The side that you're choosing feels nothing<br>Feels nothing at all<br>We feel nothing at all

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