JAMES - Knuckle Too Far lyrics

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Slow down, my brother, your life is passing fast<br>Will you remember all these scenes that you've passed<br>So long, so long<br><br>Speeding past sunset, blurring from town to town<br>Faces I forget, hotels all look the same<br>Worn down the knuckle too far<br>So long, so long<br><br>Lost are your colors, now life's in black and white<br>Steals from a movie, this life's a trick of the light<br>Worn down the knuckle too far<br>Worn down<br><br>City of strangers, you seem so tired to me<br>Don't think I'll stay here, you don't seem friendly<br>I'll keep on moving, searching for peace of mind<br>Rivers unwinding maybe I'll find it this time<br>So long, so long<br>So long<br><br>Live from my suitcase, my life's within my hands<br>Sleep in a strange bed, hometown's a foreign land<br>Down, the knuckle too far

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