JAMES - I Know What I'm Here For lyrics

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What a life<br>A trick of light<br>Then everything returns to the sea<br>You can have whatever you want<br>But are you disciplined enough to be free<br><br>Turning love into a chore<br>Promises come cheap dear reader<br>Another page, another door<br>Follow, follow me<br><br>I know what I'm here for<br>Hanging on through late december<br>I know what I'm here for<br>Follow, follow me<br><br>Moving on<br>Don't belong<br>My life turned into a mall<br>Every line is in the song<br>Follow me out of the fall<br><br>What an actor, what a show<br>Going through some holy motions<br>The bands are sharp but the singers slow<br>Everything must go<br><br>I know what I'm here for<br><br>Souvenirs, polygraph tests<br>Photographs fresh from the wreck<br>What a poster saint he'll make<br>In one take, one take<br><br>I know what I'm here for<br>Follow, follow me

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