JAMES - How Was It For You lyrics

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Well they said you are as good as you look but that<br>Would be impossible<br>For you look even better than the face of God on a sunny day<br>You look good enough to eat but I've had a bellyful<br>And now I have this bill but I don't wanna pay<br>How was it for you<br>Do you really need that drink to disarm defences<br>Can you ever face the flak when you're in control<br>Well I don't believe my luck I am defenceless<br>Do with me what you want but don't tell a soul<br>Don't tell my soul<br>How was it for you<br>If you ain't out of your head can you ever enjoy yourself<br>But if you ain't in your head then who's at home? <br>I'm so possessed by sex I could destroy my health<br>We could be dancing over coals and we'd never know<br>We'd never know<br>How was it for you<br>Where did you get those clothes<br>Are you sure they're still fashionable? <br>The sell by date says 68<br>Where did you steal those riffs and that bad attitude<br>You are traveling back in time to an altered state<br>How was it for you<br>Was it as good as it was for me<br>Well that's the best it's ever been<br>And you're the best I've ever seen<br>How was it for you<br>How was it for you?

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