JAMES - Hello lyrics

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You and me<br>Play this song, the vision<br>Hope to make this love stretch forever<br>Don't let go in this now or never<br>Hope there's change enough to say...<br><br>Hello<br>It's over<br>Hello<br>It's over<br>Hello<br>It's over<br><br>Hello<br><br>You must say what you're thinking<br>I'm no mind reader of the stars<br>We won't get any older<br>It's so fleeting<br>I am lost when I'm torn from your heart<br><br>Hello<br>It's over<br>Hello<br>It's over<br>Hello<br>Hello<br><br>Somebody dreams a brave new world<br>I'm forbidden to breathe it's pearl<br>Late summer evening<br>Late summer scene<br>Come together to make this dream<br><br>Hello<br>It's over<br>Hello<br>It's over<br>Hello<br>Hello<br>It's over<br><br>All but the sea<br>All but the sea

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