JAMES - God Only Knows lyrics

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You may say I am cynical, but I say man is flawed<br>He has a vague memory of before some fall<br>Behaving like a reptile, but talks of walking tall<br>If God is in his image, the almighty must be small<br><br>God only knows<br><br>Swaggart has been caught with his trousers round his knees<br>After damning me and you to hell for eternity<br>Sex and power and money is the prayer of these priests<br>They bribe their way past heaven's gates and steal a set of keys<br><br>God only knows my guru has been sleeping with adepts and with sheep<br>While I was fucking celibate, self-righteous in belief<br>Yesterday he was god, now he is a creep<br>We fell upon each other starving for relief<br><br>God only knows<br><br>I damn you all to hell<br>I speak in the name of god<br>I know him intimately<br>I speak in the name of the white haired old man in the clouds<br>Always a man<br>Dispensing lightening justice from his fingertips<br>As self-righteous and bigoted as those who created him<br>A cruel desert God with absolutely no sense of humor<br>How do you feel old man? <br>How do you feel? <br>Being spoken for by these self-righteous fanatics<br>Is heaven full, oh lord, of these babbling preachers and<br>God-fearing biggots<br>Well I know where I'd rather be<br>Away from this cacophony<br>God only knows<br>God only knows<br>God only knows

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