JAMES - Blue Pastures lyrics

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Blue pastures - fade away

Green rivers in silver light

I'm walking to the sound of distant bells

So peaceful I don't know who I am

And just when I think it's clear it turns all grey again

And I wonder who will find me in the snow

And just when I thought I was free I got pulled in again

Once your inyour in.

Blue pastures calling home

I'm walking but I can't stand anymore

Hear voices can't tell near or far

Weird voices - lay me down

And I don't see why I'm obliged to just carry on

When everything I touch turns out wrong

And I feel I've committed some crime - but I don't know what I've done

One day life just wins

One day life just wins

Still breathing but I'm tired and I wanna go home

Still breathing but I'm not sure anymore

Still breathing but it doesn't really matter if I fade away.

Fall into this sleep - fall into the deep.

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