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Jae Millz - Who Don't lyrics

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Real niggas f*ck with me and I don't give a f*ck with them

Yeah, yeah

Uh, uh,


While I'm on this earth, I gotta get it

f*ck being broke, I gotta get it

loud weed keep me f*cking stone,

Real niggas f*ck with me and I don't give a f*ck with y'all

I don't, I don't give a f*ck with them

Bad bitches wanna f*ck so I don't give a f*ck with them,

I kill for mind you dare to think I f*ck you all

real niggas f*ck with me, and now I don't give a f*ck with you

Nigga first's thing first, let me stake my name,

let me stake where I'm from,

bitch I'm Mills and I'm coming straight out of that

dirty in white slam and I'm on my shit, and I'm on my shit like f*ck em,

and f*ck with me and now they on my dick, somebody hug em,

somebody love em 'cause they need it,

I meet so weed it, I f*ck around and get a whole nigga life to lead it

real nigga I beat, even Stevie see it, ain't no need to wonder just believe it,

the sun come out, am I convertible start show in cleavage

broke nigga beat it, leaves!


When you're on your grind, so you're hating all mine,

what the f*ck that about, got a condom on my wrist,

got a condom on my neck, you can see I'm catching out

and I'm on my shit, like f*ck em,

they cheat our sperm like laster rame,

you love em, captain save our hoe,

ass nigga hoe ass nigga, broke ass nigga,

combine all those and your favorite rapper is that, nigga

nasty girl she screaming bust this ass nigga,

I bust up all of her ass nigga

that you wash..my cash nigga



I'm a creature don't f*ck with me I'm erotic,

'cause it's ..and I got it, I'ma pull up and .. hti the engine

full of.. for the hustler..in the hoof

got the .. gunners, run up with


if you try to hate us in the way that could affect us

let it knew .....tell the bitch

real nigga f*ck with me

f*ck who don't..

after that for the moon the goons for the tune

I can put em in the..glocks above

if you wanna be popular

while I'm on the glove I gotta have it

OG kush bout the O's I gotta have it,

if I see your fat it and I got ti grab it

I keep all automatic, get money automatic.


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