Jae Millz

Jae Millz (born Jarvis Mills; September 11, 1983) is an American rapper currently signed to Young Money Entertainment.Contents [hide]
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Early years

Millz was born in Harlem, Manhattan, New York City.[1] His rapping abilities gained him a spot on a DJ Kay Slay mixtape.[2] Millz gained popularity in mixtape battles (most notably against Murda Mook,ty streetz, Sire Castro, and E-Ness). Millz' underground popularity earned him a recording deal with Wanna Blow Ent.[3]

Jae Millz was the first artist signed to Tone & Nige's Wanna Blow Ent. label. Due to the hype surrounding Jae in late 2003, Wanna Blow signed a distribution deal with Warner Bros. Records.[4] Despite the popularity and hype, Warner Bros. failed to deliver an album, leading to Jae Millz and Wanna Blow departing the label. They immediately reached a deal with SRC Records and Universal Records.[5]
Music career
Back 2 Tha Future (2006)

In March 2006, Jae Millz released his first full-length album, Back 2 Tha Future[6] The album was released through Wanna Blow/SRC Records/Universal and was the first release through this venture. The album contained the hit singles, "Make 'Em Clap To This," and "Its Whateva" with Fat Joe.[7]
The Time Is Now (2007)

On February 13, 2007, Millz' second release, The Time Is Now, was released.[8]. This album features the singles, "Tha Future," "Harlem Uptown," and "Gangster"
Zone Out Season (2007)

In December 2007, Jae Millz returned with his third release.[9]. This album features the hit song, "Holla at a Playa," and "The Dopest."[9]. Due to a lack of promotion of his music, Jae Millz and the Wanna Blow camp would leave SRC Records and Universal Records only weeks after the album's release.[1]
2009: We Are Young Money (with Young Money Entertainment)
2011: Nothing Is Promised
2005: The Statue
2006: Back 2 Tha Future
2007: Time Is Now
2007: Zone Out Season Vol. 1
2009: Zone Out Season Vol. 2
2009: The Virgo Mixtape "He Nasty"
2010: The Flood Warning
2010: The Flood
2010: The Flood Continues
2010: The Virgo Mixtape Two "He Still Nasty"

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