Jae Millz

Jae Millz - Warning lyrics

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Light it!

Smoke something, bitch!

Most haters! Uh, about my …

I’m so Harlem, I’m so Harlem, uh, I’m so Harlem

Niggers know I’m still around, uh, it’s not my problem!

I know niggers who had hit, uh, the niggers starving,

I still ain’t drop my shit, but uh, I live so…

No mother fucker… I’m like uh, look at me now

Them hoes afraid to … uh, I need a towel.

…falls on my feet, uh, I’m such a..

..for weeks, and they won’t hit the store six months at least.

… uh, I’m sold out there

You niggers talk that money shit, uh, niggers I doubt that!

..uh, I know I ain’t see that

No cable bill… so uh, I know you ain’t see that!

Everybody calming.. but uh, these niggers suckers

…told me kill these niggers, so uh, I’m doing…

Mother fuck ‘em, mother fuck you

You and mother fuck whoever

My bullets is bisexual, they fuck whoever

Whenever, I’m so better than these niggers who ain’t never been nobody

Just got a flow, probably one night on tour …

Probably doubt I remember her name,

But I know her ..

I’ll be… me smoking good, uh I’m smoking good

Tucked down in the ghetto, uh I’m so fucking good

Got all my warrants cleared, and I got money for bills

So these… will take me to Heaven, and the cops could go to hell!

Fuck is up (fuck is up)

What the fuck is up?

Uh, that boy spitting like the… we’re fucking up

You niggers fucking up, talking verbal,

If a nigger threw a brick right in your lap, you probably fuck it up.

I put it down to the floor…

Nigger run up on me, get…

Uh, I’m on, uh nigger I’m on,

Try a real nigger, yeah, you’re hearing, uh nigger you’re gone!

Smoke something bitch!

Light it!

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