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Jae Millz - Uptown Anthem lyrics

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First off, shout out to uptown

And all of the straps hanging on my uptowns

Fake niggas wanna say what’s up now

They know I’m on it so they wanna dodge the bus now

Well, I’mma still run your ass over

…no pants over, same short chubby nigga that they passed over

…I’mma do it do the death, I’m going for the kill, no bff’s

Got my own text, I don’t need a breath

Pussy I lead bloody period, PMS

Thinking you got a winner you can keep it up

Your girl is a dot, you don’t mean nothing

I been toured down in the trunk, fuck the high times and I only saw her once

That’s a hell of a night, she got a hell of a frame

I’m one hell of a man and you’s a motherfucking lame

Act right or there’ll be nothing left upon you

I put money on you like I’m betting on you

My heart’s no feeling there, where I’m from we turn niggas to disappearing acts

His baby mother called but he never hit her back

‘Cause he in the bacon house dead, sleeping with the rats

Grew up with the Gs so I know how to read a track

Alphabet boys think a nigga can’t hit ‘em…

I’m just too cool, call me Millz D. Williams, I move too smooth

No Colt 45, though, but he caught 45, though, I got a 45 low

Uptown hustler till I go …

I’m a motherfucking guard uptown, and since …died I been the king of them bars uptown

And every day my squad uptown …

Whoever ain’t feeling this, fuck ‘em, man…

Turn half of the chump shooters into goons and hitters

Used to look up to the cheese back in 1993

Now the young kids looking up to me, Milzz, nigga

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