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Jae Millz - The God lyrics

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Established in New York City

Girl you know where I met with

I'm up early in the morning

I got to get it,

'cause I got to get it

Yeah, I got to get it.

Oh, I'm up early in the morning all these niggas sleeping

laid out, they're tired, they partied all weekend

all my niggas hungry and all these niggas eating,

so now I'm taking shit, f*ck feeling we're competing, what up?

are you swagged out, watch when is Karl Bay

leave a real fowl stain on the bowl Maints,

niggas its presence balled down no arms huggin

approach me as to God which is palm touching

niggas say I changed I say motherf*cker

you call me a home record I say she never loved them

a good blunt, good salad, thousand dollars in above it,

some bake city then give me a beat that I could f*ck em,

and then is really dinner time, nigga

so it ain't just to make Forbes I'm on my genuine

nigga watch me doing Karl Louis to the finish line nigga,

stone wash product I'm a vintage line nigga,

and I don't need no hook for the shit,

but if I did put a hook on the shit

and then probably go.

Ball down no arms hugging,

approach me with the God which is palm touching.

Nowadays I get highs I wanna raise sleep hell slow

I get flies I wanna I'm a uptown nigga till I die so when I

I'm just cope something new to rejoy every summer,

hold up is for the millz church nigga, all prayers is due

our birth niggas

a lot of niggas some of the hottest niggas,

most loved and hated for my style you must got it nigga

one man but I'm too raw

push up on your bitch like my living room floor

my little slime, my chief keep it with this balls and hell yeah

that . a fly, show ass like through,

I want the control of the town so I kill the floor,

my crew is not f*cking around and I sing the chorus

but I just wanna say

Ball down no arms hugging,

approach me as the God which is palm touching.

Rest in peace start real niggas

you're riding with the N grip you ill niggas.

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