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Jae Millz - Slow Flow lyrics

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Guess I’m really very lucky

That I got this thing to play

Cause you really make me feel good

Even when it’s hurting me

Yeah, I slow flow them to death

Walk straight in the booth with my mind

Right and go left

Yes my lyrical presence is scary

I get that unthinkable Adam...

Tell them boys if they ready stop balling in JV

Step on that varsity caught in play D baby

Girl know I’m all about my green oh AC

Fight night AC she blew me no AC

Yeah see I be on that other shit

Had a plan to take over

When rappers sported cross elephants

I slow flow them to death

Swag ignorant like parking Rolls Royce in the jets

Shorty ten years ago

I had rolls gold on my neck

And that’s before Young Money album

When go all, I saw a jack

I slow flow them to death

New York nigger only right

I feel B I G is the best

Fuck they talking bout?

We was in the clubs mobbing

Neighbors try to walk it out

We was slinging sour Ds

And crack grinding for everything

They was swag surfing in them clubs

Doin the stinky leg

I’m usually on that potent

But tonight I need a drink instead

And a bad caramel bitch that

Give that pinky head

Got her making spitting cum bubbles

With that dick in her mouth

She even say “Millz you the best”

Without I’m taking that dick out

I’m like wow!

She talented but I’m immaculate

I think they starting to mistake

My confidence as arrogance

That’s why I slow flow them to death

Talking through these verses

And stretch my intellect

They can’t give me a run

For my money or a job with me

So I reduce my speed to baby steps

You welcome...Ikea

That place Neil Armstrong went

I’m there!

And I slow flow them to death


I slow flow them to death

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