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Jae Millz - Potent Thoughts lyrics

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Got into my mind, understand where I'm at

Everyday I wake, I just go, I just go, no breaks

No days off, no mistakes, no birthday, but I need my cake!

Every minute, I think dollars, I think big, Chris Wallace

Keep getting money, that's the...

These niggas in the club, I'm in the kitchen

Yeah, I'm cooking up, about to kill 'em

They see me tweet all day and night, they think I'm chilling

But I'm on it, but I'm on it, on my grind

Everything I ain't got on my mind

Studio flow, I try to make a couple songs every day

Cause I always hear ... one song away!

No over night celebrity, I guess God ain't had in the sketch for me

Life is a journal, and every line is important

Every color has a meaning, your purpose is search for it

She asked me where I'm at, I said...

I spit that hard shit, these niggas talking

Fuck a chorus, that nigga tripping on a mike

Get 'em a... see that's the type of shit I'll be on

That's just my style!

But simple minds always tell me, Millz, ... me down

Get me understood, if you're aiming for the crown

If they got you figured out, there's nothing to get around!

Most people don't know when they see a genius

Look, they stoned Jesus, and they don't understand Einstein either

So I don't expect them to understand me

I don't expect their mind to understand what they can't see

Don't.. but I'm well known, nigga

And I talk that grown shit, cause I'm grown, nigga!

That poem is what I'll be serving

Balling like Harry Irving, smoking all loud that I'm quietly working

Try to keep, try to keep my shit, that's my first thing!


Bright life, big city, potent thoughts!

It's my thoughts!

Bright life, big city, potent thoughts!

Yeah all! Now I said the coolest players and fellows,

Hart breakers in the world

God, get some... and make them have precious..

And that's exactly what he did to me

September 7, 2012 will always stick with me!

Look at what it did to me!

The man upstairs gave a kid to me

I had the book come the... and delete the kid in me

Splitting image, couple decades of a difference

She got her mother's complexion, with my appearance

In the last year, I ain't released too much

Music! I Lost the love for this shit,

My daughter's love renew it!

I look into her eyes and I think crimes

So you... your Arabic ass mind if you think I'm

Take your shoots, I needs all of mine

Fuck your talk, Kush and my brian cells go to war

Bright life, big city, potent thoughts!

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Bright life, big city, potent thoughts!

Kush and my brian cells go to war

Bright life, big city, potent thoughts!

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