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Jae Millz - Nba Allstars lyrics

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[Introduction] (Let's Go) It's the N.B.A! (YEA) They cheerin for me (Huh it's me) And now (captain of the team) (I love you too) (Alright let's go) Startin at (I love you too!)All 5 positions (ha-ha) Straight from Harlem N.Y.C (Lights out for me) it's Jae Millz Ownin on the beat...it's the N.B.A! UHUHH! [Chorus] We up and down the court Back and forth Save the talk for the post-game It's time to ball It's the N (n) B (b) A (a) N (n) B (b) A (a)!! I'm shootin, I'm dishin I'm dippin, I'm dunkin! Nobody lazy on my team Playa we all runnin It's the N (n) B (b) A (a) N (n) B (b) A (a)!! [Verse 1] Homie I'm too fast for an instant replay You gotta freeze that, speed back The defender ain't even see that Guardin me is like the ref. tryin to D' Shaq Or seein a citizen tryin to guard T-Mac Don't even reach haters I'm like B. Davis One dribble (LOOK) Now I'm past three playas No matter who you ask (ask) I'm the main topic Roll it better than Gerve Not even Yao can block it When I'm heatin up There's no way to stop it Perform like LeBron Dribble up stop and pop it I'm like Jermaine O'Neal K.B K.G Fresh outta high school Playa don't hate me Get the roc and switch speed fast like Steve Nash And get my Jason Kidd on and dish off a sweet pass And just when you think the lane to the basket is empty I finish it off with an oop like Finely OH! [Chorus] [Verse 2] I'm tough in the zone Can nobody stop me? (Nobody) And I love this game It's not just recreation or a hobby No point-guard But my no-look is swifter than Vlade's And my young energetic defense is like Omarie's So don't drive down my lane Cuz like Artest I won't just lock you up I'll rap you in chains And in offense Who you gon get to get me When I'm movin' through the D swiftly Rainin on 'em like Nowitzki Droppin trips like Stojakovic My shot fierce like Paul Pierce I barely acknowledge picks Put your best man on me Put your whole camp on me I'll leap over your team like Vincanity Or Shawn Marion cause I be jumpin But my game is big Like T.I.M Duncan My heart is huge like Iverson's And if you ever guard me, like Marbury I'm invitin 'em and slicin 'em [Chorus] [Verse 3] I doubt you find anyone as smooth as this I'm a Vet like Erving Whether it's Johnson or Julius The court is where my heart beat You can't guard me I'm a beast on the court Like Lenny B. and Barkley If I want I can glide like Clyde Or drain three's in your eyes Like Byrd from any side I could, lace up my sneaks And leap like Dominique Or I, could give your team flashbacks Of Pistol Pete point blank Gettin the win for my team is the job That's why, on the court I'm the King like Bernard All in above the rim like Daryl Dawkins Or flat our single handedly Disgracing your team like Jordan Either way I'm puttin it down Playa I been had games Since I've checked The Mack-a-Do was around You ain't gotta ask You know how I'm built Drop three digits on your team Alone like Wilt You know what it is YEAA! [Chorus]

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