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Jae Millz - Millzy Montana Freestyle lyrics

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Millzy Montana

Millzy Montana

Fuck these cockroaches middle fingers

On my hands up

.. New York two divas on my camera

One from Savanna one from Alana

Act a fool make a movie Adam Sandler

Booties all dirty ….

She got my name tagged no … I stamped her

Fuck your .. your team got no …

Fuck your are champion since when you got your .. up?

I don’t know what they told you how do you like …

No suit just some polo no … just me …

No need to pick just .. just that thing that I put you ..

I get too deep and they are too sweet

Sort of like those .. making

… don’t get me mistaken when the ..

Millzy Montana

My bitches will make your eyes spin

I will be getting money since I played .. side of them

He think he is the shit well I will smack the shit out of him

I stuff too big .. I am hotter than African .. two sweaters

.. two extra nothing is promised . your girl I got her coming too

Shut up to my haters .. call me Barack Obama

Millzy Montana

Millzy Montana

True religion shorts

Millzy Montana

Before it was jeans

Millzy Montana

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