Jae Millz

Jae Millz - Lullaby lyrics

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Rock a by, lullaby, I still would be after that green

If I was color blind

Tell that boy that I’m that nigga

He’s just the other guy

Where the fuck they found these niggas, clown ass niggas

This wavy flow will drown these niggas

I ain’t no jogger, but I will run laps around these niggas

That’s my workout for the day, I guess

I’m playing chess with a table full of checker pieces

Mama told me I’ll reach it, if I’ll forever seek it

The day I’ll bow down to these niggas

You will never see it

Fuck em, fuck em all with a sick dick

No condom nigga, dig a ditch

I’m jj wyatt come around that corner

Fuck around if you wanna slow your movement

Like traffic in california

Silly ass don’t even catchin up on rest

Know that’s a coma rappin like I own her

But he alisa so call her mona

I’m a monster, a beast

These niggas twat in they sweet

Warm up a bottle, get em a bed

Watch me rock em to sleep

Check me out, rock a by baby,

And may the lord be with em

And if she sleep with them, she get put to sleep with em

...a sweet rhythm, how could I be cheap with em

Connect show me love everytime I meet with him

These raps niggas want me to compete with them

But I can’t cause I ain’t in the same league with them

They minor, I’m major, they all up in the game

And don’t deserve to be players

So clowny browny ass niggas

My flow ... in the grass niggas

Ass niggas, to hell I will drag niggas

Screaming ... and I promise ya

If you play osama I’ll obama ya

You wastin your time with the mama dos

They can’t trace the climate of the nigga that you hearing

Live I hard in god fearin I dare em

And hand me to anybody could get ...

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