Jae Millz

Jae Millz - KKKrazy Ft. Birdman lyrics

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Let’s get it started

Coop top back younker for the cap

And whenever i snap is real nigga rap

I’ll be flowing on that ...we ever are met

Her New York Berlin Kelly met her ..

..round pack you ain’t even got a ..

I promise you get higher pinch your ..

Louie is living my image but i let these niggas tell em

.. bull shit i not let these niggas sell it

I’m for real no relation to dare ..to niggas like a bust

No relation to belly speak truth in every ..

So ain’t no need to ..

I said f*ck em f*ck em a .. when i said it

Hole up that’s for sure nigga long barel

..shit quick hope you got a strong petal

Grow man in my jeans .. but all my bills paid so kiss my mother f*cker ass man

Yeah nigga hundred meals

F*ck em nigga did you get all blood

High states is all you .. you understand

Rap is .. in the real niggas

I don’t know what they know but i know what i’m on

My role is say it’s show time and never is the time .. go hit

Get your try on i get my 45 on

Nicky stupid look like got red .. that’s why i see .. there’ll never be a head of us

Put em a nasty this ..tell em step it up

Only the beta i know how to score and i’m a beast on the boards carrying love

You write not get that you still i the air

Now you just catch that .. they say nails .. i say mother f*cker

Everytime i do another nigga coming with my style

And the bloggers going wild from the .. like they next

Can’t be serious this niggas just weird and i

..what it is since i’ve been to your b*tch

You tell em b*tches i’m broke but that’s something that b*tch say

Catch a flight in my air i’ll show ya how i live the day

How i’ma live tomorrow and how i was living yesterday

Modern day big money everyway

Hundred million dollars my partners get it in every way

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