Jae Millz

Jae Millz - Give Up The Goods lyrics

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8:48 in the morning

Still talking, still going!

OK Harlem, hit the money, all day get cash

I'm caught upon my hustle, never chasing no ass

These niggas get me phony, what up since she...

I know..I'm feeling when I breeze past

Now who the fuck is this talking slick about Jake

Somebody better tell that boy Slam OK

Or better yet tell them Harlem niggas don't play

Do the thing, got... out of my way!

Your girl don't even deserve a room, she get car sex

Did she get my.. on her lips like car mix

Thank you far all, and I'm really gone

Attractive weed, I call it pretty strong

Yeah, Cush is highly addictive

Especially when your...

No more techniques, I run through..

I'm.. the rappers and me dead broke...

I never compete!

Fucked up in streets, I never deceive

A nigga like me, I got too much cheat

Maybe it's just a blessing, maybe it's my profession

To get all locked up in a bitch like herbal essence

You niggas is passive, thinking money, growing trees

With me wanna... who the fuck was your OG?

Guess I was caught from a different cloth

so you'll never be sold in the same stores

I'll probably be so... and the sex

And you'll probably be so in the ghet

I'mma get ignorant with it, let me...

...white hood, black doors

she gonna be looking like I'm in the... concords

Smoke one for a real nigger 8 am, still get...

that smells, nigger!

And misses Brandy, will shout out to my lil niggas

Lil twist, lil Jackie, ...

My lil brother... know the deal, nigga

When it's time to sneak a nigga, he know the drill, nigga

Big mike on the bully, and still nigga

..one word from me, and he'll deal with you!

Damn presidence, touche, who said?

I got music from 06 better than the new shit

All the time made it, but my game smarter

Now I'm killing off the... like James...

I'm off the presidence the rappers and me

I said I'm off the presidence the rappers and me

Smoke something, bitch!

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