Jae Millz

Jae Millz - Freestyle lyrics

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First off rest in peace to the ever so glorious

Mr Notorious from ... to classy.. where my story is

Ongo but my mind .. is victorious

Uh, I'm from a place where young... plot

But only... in all these niggers spots

Yeah, shut up... niggers

I thank God I was never that nigger

No time for that corner cheat-chat, nigger

I need that brand new Ferrari all black, nigger

You asked which model I replay, anyone

Come doing what you're coming up where I come from

Holland boy with an international brand

But the push... takes us to the back of the line

Nigger pay homage, understand what type of man I am

..in New York, call me...

Shoot the whole crew, and I ain't the camera man

See the... fuck the ambulance.

They're like .. found him

But I was chilling on a bench, nigger..

Smoke three blunts, and I'm about to burn again

I'm really... burn until the end.

Dipping through the... turning in the...

Your swag stuck in the 90s you...

Bad bitches give me good head

But that ain't about shit, I'm ... till I'm dead.

Cause only thing that pay rent is that bread

And you ain't got...

Playing with my nigger, that's the easy way

Fly first class and meet...

...easy, no disrespect

Just punch line.. metaphor intellect.

Yeah, call me... or call me young...

Girls love me cause I'm cool, and my voice raspy

Yeah, I'm chubby but I'm cool and my voice raspy

Clean condo in the sky, that shit is smelling nasty.

Yeah, I ain't rich yet, but I live so high in the sky

I could tell you what colour the clouds gonna be next week

G shit, you got a problem with the...

I'm too old for ...

Then wait for you to come out from Harlem.

You come out form Harlem where you hide, you're dying

There presence is too, money is still multiplying

Got my bitch breaking down the work, I call it divine

Mills ain't the one the streets call out...

Don't say shit cause it's all about timing!

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