Jae Millz

Jae Millz - Flying Overseas lyrics

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Mister .. man who shut it in the …

Just can’t .. but I will be back again

.. jackets and friends I am thinking about ..

I am thinking about red light district

I am thinking about coffee shops

I am thinking about no coffee though ..

Sexy Europeans with baskets .. get my casket ..

Main reason why my passport is all stamped

Black big body .. with the same cuts .. fuck

I know you hate see me .. hotel suit ..in the UK for a week

The place I’ve been English can barely speak..

Police .. three hours .. let me see what I did wrong

I just try to .. expand .. fuck where have been ..

I am going overseas

Come fly with me

I will give you all

I am flying over seas

Come fly with me

I will give you all

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