Jae Millz

Jae Millz - Fly Forever Freestyle lyrics

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Holla em nigga till i go change how doubted

Nigga don’t like it but can’t do nothing bout it

..stay on lames all in my face what the fuck they own

They own what Jay own .. see em ..

Lot of niggas down and they said they can’t get up

Sorry work out like .. do some bill up

Niggas on Twitter got jibs jokes and honestly i laugh them all

‘cause niggas be broke lost with no hope

Looking for .. but i act with no ..

.. on my awful of what i wrote

The info red acting like cool i got the scope

Got a bad bitch just pulling for my ..

Throw beyond dope man i call this ..of dope

Greatest of all time look me up i’m one of the greatest support lines

..nights on my feet all line

I say they represent today i warm for my slimes

The hores don’t respect me baby hore like he’s fine

I don’t know bout .. but i ain’t even heard that

Hollies knew niggas lame like ..

Talking big money shit living day to day

I’m untouchable like the ..fade away

I used to post up on a block the ..

That was palm trees bitches and silicon bimbos

I got .. in timbos, so i board a condo in Miami excluded when it all ..

Talk to me , yeah talk to me, i don’t chase money i just watch them walk to me

Shout out to all my haters with love, they shout out in my weed man just cut

I smoke good on the regular, nigga you just smoke regular

..wait out daily like the name ..

Yeah i’ma get high forever when i die .. Gucci in the cemetery

I’ll be fly forever, if you my nigga just know when i shine you shine

Yeah we shine together, but when i die just burry me in something designer

So in the cemetery I’ll be fly forever


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